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Avari Insights is an internationally recognised Industry-leading platform for data insights.

All Your Data Insights in One Place

Consolidate all your data insights with our award-winning AVARI Insights Platform.

Spend less time preparing data – we source, triage, and manage it for you. Access all your data in one place, providing great data insights while reducing data acquisition and  subscription expenses.


AVARI named winner of the 2023 IoT Global Award in the industry category for big data, cloud & analytics.


We are the best product for data insights.

 We collect, ingest and manage your data to create great insights for you. 

 Don’t rely on pre-built software that only meets 70% of your needs. We custom design and build your Insights Dashboard so you get what you need 

Data Insights as a Service 

Save time with our pre-made dashboards that focus on answering your key business questions. Don’t spend large amounts of your budget on “Big Tech” internal data lakes and internal teams wrangling data. Become more user-friendly and efficient by centralising all your data feeds on one platform instead of individual subscriptions. Only buy the data you really need. Don’t pay for data you don’t need or use. 

Data Insights Using AI 

It’s ChatGPT for your own data.  Ask a question about your data, similar to how you would with ChatGPT, and receive an answer. 

Ingest Data From Many and Varied Sources 

Gather data from a multitude of sources, including real-time data from sensors, as well as from diverse sources like Government, social media, airlines, weather, economics, business, traffic, spend, telecommunications, people movement, hotels, and property. There are no limitations, and we can also assist with sourcing the right data.

We are changing the way the world gets great Data Insights. 

We’re transforming how you utilise analytics, streamlining access to various internal + external data sources in a single location. We take care of the data and you focus on understanding the Insights. 

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