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Avari is an internationally recognised Industry-leading platform for visitor data.

All Your Visitor Data in One Place

Easily Source + Manage + Understand Data

Avari Software is an industry leading visitor analytics platform. 


Avari Software named winner of the 2023 IoT Global Award in the industry category for big data, cloud & analytics.


We are the best product for visitor dashboard analytics in the market

We find value in your visitor data

as service

Save time with our premade visitor dashboards that focus on answering your key questions.

Predictive Analytics
+ Open AI

Forecast visitor trends using predictive analytics + Open AI.

IoT Real
Time Data

Better understand what’s happening in your business now

Satellite Data

Transmit visitor data from remote locations without Telco networks.

A solution-focused platform

Avari is a solution-focused platform that allows customers to have access to visitor data all in one place, which helps them facilitate visitor strategies needed for today, and tomorrow.

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